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Introducing Mobycast


Over the past several months, I have been busy helping to create a new podcast, called Mobycast, with my colleagues, Jon Christensen and Rich Staats. This podcast is focused on topics related to modern distributed systems software development, with a focus on containerization, cloud and the CI/CD pipeline. It's based on our own real-world experience developing, deploying and maintaining cloud-first software.

A new episode is posted weekly, and we now have almost 25 episodes available to download.

If you get the chance, I would appreciate you listening to one or more episodes and letting me know what you think. I've never done a podcast before, so this is a journey of experimentation and learning.

The first few episodes are longer (about 1 hour) and a bit rougher around the edges as we work to find our voice. But with each new episode, I think we are improving and becoming more successful at providing relevant, useful information in an entertaining format. Also, we have transitioned to a shorter format (20-30 minutes) with more recent episodes. I would love to hear your thoughts on which length you prefer.

You can download and listen to Mobycast from wherever you get your podcasts, such as Apple iTunes, Google Play, SoundCloud and Stitcher.

p.s. Why the name, "Mobycast", you ask? Well, the original intent for the podcast was to help make containerization topics easier for folks to digest ("we make the hard things easier"). And since Docker is the de facto king of containers, we thought it only fitting to acknowledge the official Docker mascot, Moby the Whale, in the name of the podcast.

Moby the Whale
Moby the Whale flying high above the crowd at DockerCon 2018

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